Monday, September 17, 2012

Shutterfly Yearbook Reminder

Hello Mom's and Dad's of school kids. I know there are a lot of you out there now! Big Monkey and Baby Monkey are both now "officially" in school, even though that all takes place in our pjs in my home office. I know most of Big Monkeys peers have also begun school and even some of Baby Monkeys peers are now in preschool (how did he get old enough to have preschool friends already??) Sniff...

Since it is a new school year, I wanted to send out a reminder that shutterfly has some wonderful yearbook style photobooks available. I provided a full review on these books back in March. You can find those details just a little ways down this page. The new blog organization makes finding information so much easier now, doesn't it?

With this reminder I got to wondering, do preschools offer "yearbooks" the same way that elementary schools and high schools do? Wait, do elementary schools even offer a year book any more? If not and your a PTA parent, maybe a shutterfly yearbook could be a suggestion for your child's project. Shutterfly has prices as low as $5 on these books, so that would be a small amount for a class to "fundraise" or even have parents contribute for. The Shutterfly interface is easy enough to use too that parent volunteers could put together the books. Just a thought and idea.

Shutterfly is sponsoring my post with some incentives, but I would not post about a company in "My favorite things" if I didn't really love them. This company has been nothing but good to me, and I will continue to order a photo book for each of my monkeys each year (it's their year in summary photo album). I think this year Christmas is going to involve a few other Shutterfly books and products for gifts as well. That's about all I can say to keep from spoiling any presents.

It looks like Shutterfly has expanded the places where you can follow them to find out about new products, deals, and more. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram (Shutterfly), Google +, or their blog.

Happy Shopping!

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