Thursday, September 13, 2012

Blog Expansion

So I've decided to expand my blog because, lets face it, many of you are not all that excited by my wacky homepreschool ideas. Besides, most of my friends' kids are now in preschool, so there is less need for entertainment ideas. There will still be homeschooling posts, but I'm also going to include other things like my cooking successes (and sometimes failures), favorite things, stuff we've been up to, and anything else that comes up along this journey. Truthfully, I can only get so excited about photographing and writing about "prewriting" and "poke pages" so many times before I just want to sit back and enjoy what we're doing.

I'm guiding little monkeys through this life and that involves so much more than just education. Not to mention the fact that I need to work on my creative writing skills a little. My writing has become so "blah" (boring) in recent years (several years of training in scientific writing probably did not help any).

Very soon I'll be adding my first recipe post for my Slow Cooker (or not so slow cooker) Potato Leek Soup. Yum!

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