Monday, September 17, 2012

Baby Gizmo Carseat Giveaway and Carseat Safety Tips!

So I'd have to say that my Britax Blvd carseats are some of my favorite things. I've owned 2 different Britax Blvds and a Britax Diplomat. The Britax Diplomat was great for the compact backseat of Daddy Monkeys car, but has already been outgrown by both monkey babies. Well, Baby Monkey could still fit in it forward facing, but we are an extended rear facing family and Baby Monkey will remain rearfacing until age 4 years if I can find seats that fit him rearfacing that long (he's a big boy). I also own a classic blvd and the new Britax Blvd 70 G3. I LOVE the new G3 seats. They have a great rearfacing limits and Big Monkey can still rearface! They will also fit him well forward facing for a long time once we get to that (he is also still rearfacing as he is not yet 4 and he may not get to turn around at 4 either, we'll see). In addition, the new seats have such deep sides, and I LOVE that extra protection in a side impact crash.

So when I heard that Baby Gizmo Company was giving away a new G3, I thought I'd share the information as well as enter myself, of course. I'd love to win and replace Baby Monkey's classic Blvd with a new G3 so he has the deeper side protection.

Beyond the contest though, this video that Baby Gizmo Company has released a video of carseat tips in honor of Child Passenger Safety Week! If you have a child in a carseat (basically, if your kid is under the age of 8, you qualify), check out this video and see if you learn anything new. If not, then hey, you're doing pretty good with your carseat safety knowledge!

Click here to read the Baby Gizmo's Blog!

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