Wednesday, October 12, 2011

End of the School Week

So today is the end of our school week for this week. We'll be taking a little break to revamp our curriculum and get some major house projects done over the next two weeks. I was really using the camping preschool printables pack this week to decide what activities Big Monkey likes, dislikes, is ready for, or is not quite able to do yet (or doesn't have patience for). This way I will know what to include in our new curriculum and what to save for later years (we still have 2 1/2 years before he starts traditional kindergarten). We kept today short and tried to have fun, especially since Baby Monkey was a little clingy.

Big Monkey didn't want to color, so we tried out our new do-a-dot markers. They were a hit as most other people have said. Easy cleanup too. Sort of like paint without the mess. 

Big Monkey then requested to play pom poms with the starfish and then the hearts ice cube tray.


I learned that I need to work on my laminating skills.

We had great success with the what do you eat, what do you not eat camping activity. He identified the foods/objects and correctly placed them under either "eat" or "do not eat: columns.

Big Monkey is not ready for complete the patterns. He looks happy about it, but I had to tell him for each one which came next until we got to the last one. Then it was process of elimination - there was only one piece left.

Big Monkey did not want to put cheerios on the number train (or chocolate chips - who wouldn't want to play with chocolate chips?!?), but I wanted to take a photo of the train because I think it is so cute. That and I spent all the time laminating it. Haha

We finished up the day with bean bag toss. Yes, that is my office trash can. I really need to find a bucket (I think there might be a new bucket in my laundry room) as I need my trashcan back. We made the "bean bags" together. They are little pieces of material sewn together and filled with rice. Big Monkey likes to remind me that they are "rice bags" and not "bean bags." Baby Monkey wanted to join in, but Big Monkey didn't want any part of sharing his bean bag toss game today (some days he gives 2 bags to Baby Monkey and keeps 2 for himself). It's probably going to be one of those days.

See you all in a few weeks when we have all new ideas and experiences to share! Can't wait to see how the new morning board looks complete with calendar and what books we are going to incorporate into our days (we are going to start a literature/theme based curriculum).

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