Thursday, October 6, 2011

Circles and Pumpkins

Well, today was a short day as many days are. Both Big Monkey and Baby Monkey seem to be short on patience today. I did my best to encourage Big Monkey, but ultimately, I let him decide when he has lost interest in something. We started with putting number circle cutouts onto their matching numbered circle on a paper. He did that once and was done, but we already did that over and over again earlier this week. Then we moved on to a few minutes of learning to link up dinosaurs from our barrel of dinosaurs (sort of like a barrel of monkeys). Next we moved on to artwork. I drew a pumpkin on orange paper and placed glue on the lines and had Bug Monkey place elbow macaroni on the glue. That lasted about 5 minutes, but he seemed to enjoy the process.
So we tried gluing circles to paper as he loves the glue stick and did a great job with this task for squares. That also only lasted about 5 minutes today (again, lack of patience today).

Ultimately, we resorted to reading stories and then watching Leapfrog's "The Amazing Alphabet." I would have preferred "Letter Factory" but it was upstairs somewhere and netflix doesn't have it on the instant list. All and all not a bad day, but not our most productive either. Maybe once the rain goes away a little outside time will help renew our spirits.

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  1. I love the blog and the photos. Thanks for sharing your story, your projects, and the monkeys' progress. I'll keep coming back for updates.