Wednesday, November 16, 2011


So Tuesday we repeated a lot of the same activities as Monday. We added the book "Weather Words" as well. It was quite a bit over Big Monkey's head, but we looked at the pictures and talked about different kinds of weather in our own words. It was fun. Then we went on a playdate with Big Monkey's best friend, whom we will call Ladybug. They had a great time together. They haven't seen each other in awhile, so it was a nice change.

Today we talked a lot about snow in addition to our worksheet work. Turned out to be a fun day. We don't get snow where we live, so Big Monkey has never seen snow before. So we made snow today!

We started with the less exciting stuff. We did "how many crows are next to the scarecrow." We made it through 2 numbers before Big Monkey quit and moved on.

Then we tried some pattern practice. I had Big Monkey try to copy the pattern card. Nope, that didn't last at all. So we put it away and tried some tracing. He likes that, but is always done very quickly.

Then we tried the "what is different." He did okay with that. Got some of them right, not others.

Baby Monkey practiced his crying and walking skills.

Then we tried cutting practice by making a snowflake out of construction paper that we had painted a previous day. The paper was a little too thick for Big Monkey to successfully cut though, so I helped.

Then we did some bead pouring and moved into the kitchen. We talked about temperature. I put together 3 little bowls. One with ice water, one with warm water, and one with hot water (not burning hot, but hotter than warm). Then I had Big Monkey touch each one and tell me which was which. He did great with this.

Then we made snow! I have an ice shaver and I froze the ice last night. He was very excited about this. He touched it, put the snow in the little bowls and watched it melt in the water, and ate it. I liked this activity. While a little messy, nothing stained, and it kept him busy for a good half hour. I could have kept him busy longer if I had frozen 2 blocks of ice. It's also a good hydration tool. I might do this on other days when I just need to get something done. We are currently having a meltdown over being done with our school activities. I'm going to have to really start to get creative and it looks like school is going to start taking several hours if he wants more than what we have been doing lately!

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