Monday, November 21, 2011

Gobble Gobble

So today we started our Thanksgiving theme! We talked a little about what thanksgiving is and why we celebrate as well as how we celebrate. Big Monkey seems excited about this turkey business, but we'll see what he thinks when he sees me trying to stuff our giant bird into a bucket to be brined. I had Big Monkey start with some cutting practice. I gave him a prewrite sheet with straight lines to cut along, and he really enjoyed cutting from the turkey to the nests. I think using scissors is one of his favorite things.

Then we sorted mayflowers by size.

Sorted big Ts and little ts. Big Monkey did really well with this. I wasn't sure since we haven't really done big and little letters.

Baby Monkey climbed on the exercise equipment and kept me on my toes.

Then we traced the letter T and colored some turkeys. Ok, well, Big Monkey colored 2 turkeys. He's really not into coloring any more for some reason. He really loved to color between 18 months and about 2, but not so much any more.

Lastly, we made a paper turkey! I cut out all the pieces and Big Monkey glued them on. Suddenly he's having a hard time using the glue stick (he didn't have a problem with it until I introduced him to elemer's glue. I think he just wants to use the squeeze glue so he pretends that the glue stick is too hard to use). So I also ended up helping put glue on everything, but Big Monkey put everything in it's places (with a little guidance as to where the eyes and tail feathers were supposed to go). He carried this turkey around the rest of the day.

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