Sunday, November 13, 2011

No More Monsters...

So, tomorrow is the start of a new school week and we are leaving our monster theme behind. It was a whirlwind of a week this past week. We did school every day, but Mama Monkey was busy preparing for the influx of family visitors for Unk's memorial service. So I didn't have time to blog about our activities. We went and picked up our other color printer, so this coming weeks activity sheets will be so much more colorful! Goodbye shades of pink, hello bright, laminated, reusable sheets!

Ok, so here are some highlights this week. Here is Big Monkey with the sock monster we made on Monday. Turns out Daddy Monkey was fine with us using that particular pair of socks.

Baby Monkey spent most of the week doing this during school. We did not have good mornings with Baby Monkey for some reason.

We practiced patterns a lot this week, and by Friday, Big Monkey could finish almost any simple pattern I gave him. I think he's getting the concept. He even started coming up with his own patterns.

We tried these neat numbered puzzles, but it was always a struggle to get Big Monkey to keep going and try to finish. Not sure why. The 1-10 puzzles are not that hard as he can recognize those numbers, but he just wasn't interested.

We tried out these new lacing blocks we found in the Target dollar aisle (they were 2.50). Big Monkey wanted to put one block on each string and swing them around the room. Not really a good idea in my book.

Baby Monkey liked unloading my supply bins.

The Do-a-dot M is for Monsters page was a big hit again. He really likes those markers.

We made jello shapes this week (no photo, sorry) with the jello gigglers recipe and we also made playdoh monsters. That was a fun one!

On Friday while Grandma Monkey was visiting, we all made magnet monsters from a craft kit I got at Oriental Trading Company. It was fun, and Big Monkey did great gluing his own pieces on. I had to help add glue here and there, but he mostly did it himself. They are now hanging on the side of my fridge.

This is by far not an extensive list of everything we did this week, just some of the favorites. We also did a lot of story time this week. Overall a busy, but successful week.

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