Thursday, May 1, 2014

Where has time gone?!?

Can you find the green Easter egg? The boys eventually did.
Ok, I thought only a month had gone by since I last posted, but apparently 7 weeks only feels like 4! Oops. Well, no news is good news right? Right.

Baby Monkey chillin' at Grandma's

We have been busy little bees in the monkey household. I am not exactly sure with what, but I know we have been busy. I know, not helpful or interesting.

Big Monkey has been rocking the updoses. So far this round he has not had a single problem. He caught a mild cold prior to our last dose, so we had to postpone that updose by a week. We had to wait until every last sign of congestion was gone. Thankfully, we had a little extra time between appointments and didn't have to reschedule our next visit. So everything is still on schedule. We just completed our last updose before returning to the office for our next be "challenge" of hopefully 1 gram. This would be approximately 5 peanuts. Cue nervousness.

Summer is arriving as well and both the boys start swim lessons next week. Woot! This will be Baby Monkey's first year in non mom and me swim lessons. He is so not thrilled, but he will start in a class with Big Monkey, so I think he will be fine. I will make sure to take pictures!

So that is about all that is going on, but I wanted to update with all is well and we are progressing! Life is amazing as is our new freedom.
Yum, peanut dose (and no that is not a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, it's peanut free Barney Butter Almond butter)

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