Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Our Most Amazing Updose to Date

I am considering today's updose the most amazing so far. Why? Well, today we finally got back to the dose we came home on almost exactly two months ago! In fact, Big Monkey is consuming MORE peanut flour in a 24 hour period than he was two months ago. And you know what? He is doing just FINE! Great even!

My 2 Monkeys
Yes, I will admit that I was a ball of nerves this morning before we doubled the morning dose. If you remember, we are currently dosing once at breakfast and again at lunch (not necessarily the same dose). So today we doubled his breakfast dose so that it is now the same amount that we attempted but reacted to back on December 14th. His lunch dose will remain the same as the previous dose (which is half the morning dose). I'm still not clear how exactly his body is processing this split dose approach. I don't know if it is a cumulative effect or if the separation in time sort of lets his body reset itself. Either way, this is a huge step forward for us and really does prove that this is working. Last time he took this dose he broke out in full body hives. This time he had one little itchy spot on his back, but there were no hives there. Dry skin maybe? 

Obviously I went into OIT with the belief that it worked. However, seeing is believing and I am currently amazed!

Hanging with Daddy Monkey in the Monkey Mancave
Today I am especially grateful  that Big Monkey did not react as I am experiencing my own reminder of how terrible a full body allergic rash really feels. It is no fun and I am reminded of what an amazingly brave little trooper he really was those first two weeks. Although I must say, after two days of this itching and hives under my hair, I'd gladly drink that charcoal and take the medications Dr. R has laid out for us in the event of any unexpected reactions! Don't think I didn't think about actually doing it!

Calm hours are sometimes spent "running" with Mommy (and being asked if they are twins)

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