Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday Letter

This year I was blessed with a great Tiny Prints credit for a blog entry I did about their holiday cards. I of course used this to cover the entire cost of our holiday cards this year (yup, I'm frugal like that). Of course, that meant choosing a less expensive layout that didn't have room for our holiday letter. Yes, I suppose I could have typed out a letter on paper and slipped in into the envelope, but really, I'd love it if more of our friends and family occasionally visited my blog. Then they could be updated on what we're doing and see recent photos of the boys any time throughout the year! So, I'm posting our short holiday letter here for 2012.

Happy Holidays 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

We hope 2012 has treated you well! We have had a wonderful, although not super exciting year. Honestly, "not super exciting" has been quite nice. There were no job changes, moves, babies, health issues, or anything else to consider truly exciting. Instead, we just enjoyed our year together and spent our time doing things we love.

We spent the beginning of the year waiting for the weather to dry up enough to work on the backyard. Then spring was spent preparing the backyard flower bed for the fruit and veggie garden. By late spring the plants were thriving and we'd be looking at gorgeous crops of zucchini, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, herbs, and squashes. We spent a lot of the summer tending to the garden and swimming as well as finally tending to the front yard. Long gone is the hill of dirt and field of weeds. We now have a wonderful bordering flower bed and a full hill and yard of green grass (still speckled with quite a few weeds, but we're working on it).

The boys started homeschool preschool with mom in the fall and have been thriving in all aspects. We took a break to take a vacation to Disneyland (yup, vacations these days are to Disneyland instead of somewhere exotic). We had a blast as a family. I took the boys out to Arkansas for a family reunion and met a ton of wonderful relatives. The boys had a blast playing in the mud and meeting the family, so that was fantastic.

There are still plenty of house projects to work on, but we feel like we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! This house really feels like home now and we are so much more content than we were at our previous location (although we miss our dear friends in the old neighborhood!).

We look forward to seeing what adventures 2013 brings our way, and we hope you have a fantastic and safe holiday season!

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