Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I am NOT a better parent than you...

In fact, I may be a terrible parent compared to you. How would I ever know since I'm not you and I don't know your kids? In fact, while I'm doing my best to do right by my kids, I have a whole slew of my own issues that I'm hoping I don't dump on them in the process.

I had a friend mention today mention that she was tired of all the "mompetition" (great word by the way!) in today's parenting society. She is so right that this exists. So many parents think their way of parenting is the only right way and they aren't afraid to tell you so. They're also not afraid to tell you if they think you're doing it wrong. It's sad, especially when it makes great people rethink the idea of becoming parents in the first place.

I thought about what she said (which included mentioning seeing this mompetition in Facebook posts, blogs, etc...), and I started to panic a little. I thought, gee, I sure hope none of my friends or family feel this way about my comments or blog posts. I could have asked her if I was a culprit of this mompetition, but I didn't. Why? Well, I probably didn't really want to hear if I was since that had never been my intention (I really should put on my big girl panties though and take the criticism if that is the case. If she is reading this, she knows who she is and I give her full permission to scold me privately). Mainly, I decided that even if I have not made her feel this way, I still needed to post something to let the rest of my friends know that creating competition is never my intent with anything I write, post, or even say in person!

I am so far from perfect as a person or parent. I wouldn't choose some of the parenting choices others make, but I respect them all. Those decisions are being made for kids that are not my own, and it's not my job to decide what is best for them.

The choices I make are what is best for my children, not necessarily yours. I share because there are people out there that have asked me for ideas. A number of my friends have asked about where I get some of my activities and how we carry them out. My husband likes to follow my blog during the week so he feels like he's there with the kids more. I'm part of a peanut allergy support group where many members share their journey and enjoy reading the journey of others. There are so many reasons why I post the things I do, but trying to say I'm a better or more knowledgeable parent is never one of those reasons. If you've ever felt this way about anything I've said, my deepest apologies.

With all that said though, I don't plan to stop sharing. So if my words at all offend you or make you feel bad, by all means, please just stop reading them as that is not their point. We are all doing the best we can for our kids and that is what is important. I think you are all amazing parents (or would be if you're not currently), and should keep doing what you are doing!

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